Property Viewing Checklist for Investors

Property viewings offer investors an invaluable opportunity to closely examine a potential investment and determine its suitability.

To ensure you make the most of your property viewing experience, we have compiled a useful checklist for your reference.


Consider whether the rooms are spacious enough, particularly if you plan to furnish the property. Prior to the viewing, measure your furniture and bring a tape measure to determine if larger items can fit comfortably. Evaluate whether you are purchasing excessive space that may not be necessary.


Inspect each room for adequate storage options. If the bedrooms lack built-in storage, take into account the space required for wardrobes and drawers, especially if you plan to let the property furnished.

Renovation Potential

Assess if the property offers the potential for desired renovations. Determine if any interior walls can be removed to create an open-plan layout. Consider whether the loft can be converted, potentially serving as a future project. It is important to note that properties of local or historical significance may have restrictions on alterations.  

Walls, Floors, and Tiles

Thoroughly examine the walls for cracks, including freshly painted surfaces that may be concealing them. If a crack is wide enough to fit a 10p coin (approximately 3mm), it may indicate subsidence concerns. Check for stains on carpets or floorboards that may require cleaning before finalising the purchase.


Vigilantly inspect every room, including storage areas, for signs of dampness. Pay attention to any musty odours as well.

Windows and doors

Ensure that all windows and doors open and close smoothly, and verify that all locks are functioning correctly. Assess the condition of the window and door frames, as well as the type of glazing used. The property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will provide insight into its energy efficiency.

Taps, Showers, Baths, and Toilets

Test all taps, including showers and baths, and evaluate the water pressure. Turn on a hot tap to gauge the time it takes for hot water to flow. Flush the toilets to ensure they are in proper working order.

Lights and Power Sockets

Operate all lights and examine the functionality of power sockets. You can conveniently test this by bringing a phone charger and checking if your phone charges properly.

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