Bills Packages

At Seekers, we aim to streamline the process of managing household expenses during your tenancy. Opting for a bills package can increase budget efficiency, offer convenience, and protect you from unpredictable changes in utility expenses. *

Our cost-effective bills packages also alleviate the time usually spent researching to find the best provider for each of your separate utilities, which can be a tedious process.

Before your tenancy with Seekers begins, this is an opportune time to consider organising your bill payments.

Sign-up today for the following benefits:

  • Packages are hassle-free from start to finish

  • We liaise with utility providers on your behalf

  • One monthly payment for gas, electricity, water, internet, and TV licence

  • Internet ready and set-up for your move-in date

Prices are per person, per week, and are charged on top of your normal rent.

Council Tax is not included, but you will be 100% exempt if your property is let entirely by full-time students.

*Some properties are excluded from our bills package offer. Please speak to the Seekers team for details of rental properties included and the terms that apply to them. 

For further information about our Utilities Bills packages, take a look at our FAQs page.

Property SizeStandard Rate (per person)


Currently unavailable


Currently unavailable


£28 per week / £122 per month


£26 per week / £113 per month


£24 per week / £104 per month


£22 per week / £96 per month


£19 per week / £83 per month


£19 per week / £83 per month

Nine-bedroom or more

£19 per week / £83 per month

Please note: before any Bills Packages are secured, all applications will undergo an extensive review to ensure suitability. Not all properties will qualify and we reserve the right to withdraw any property from this offer. 

For more information or to get a no-obligation quote for your household, call our Lettings Team on 0191 243 1000 or email