Your own place. Without the ties.

If you know you’ll need to move in the future, you’re new to an area or you’re not in a position to buy your own place, we can help you find the perfect rental property. Renting offers real flexibility – you can look at different areas, you’re not tied into anything long-term and at Seekers, we even offer bills packages so you don’t have to deal directly with suppliers.

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Whether you want your own pad or fancy sharing with your mates, we’ve got everything from one-bedroom apartments to multi-occupancy houses. And something to suit every budget.

  • Bills inclusive packages
  • One fixed monthly payment
  • Brilliant locations
  • Popular areas - Live close to campus


It’s that complete independence. You’re on the career ladder and you want your own place. At Seekers, we’ve got loads of options, from trendy two-bed flats to Victorian houses and all in great areas.

  • Handy locations
  • Brilliant transport links
  • Fully furnished
  • Within your budget


Have you got a property to let? Renting to students and young professionals is a safe investment. For a start, there’ll always be high demand and guarantors provide excellent security.

  • Property very rarely empty
  • Usually 12-month contracts
  • Students are reliable tenants
  • High demand for properties

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