Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy

Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy | One Core Strategy

Newcastle City Council and Gateshead Council announced their plans for Newcastle Gateshead over the next twenty years as a shared vision through the Urban Core Action Plan and the One Core Strategy.

Cabinet approved the changes made to the Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy which was developed in partnership with Gateshead Council. The council states that the plan "…sets out a detailed planning strategy for Newcastle and Gateshead's Centres and where development will occur to boost our economy, improve transport and accessibility, enhance the quality of place and improve urban living."

15,000 people responded to the first round of feedback requests regarding the Urban Core Action Plan and the One Core Strategy including local businesses. Thanks to this feedback the council have made what they believe to be improvements to the Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy.

Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy | Second Consulations

Another round of consultations has been launched following revisions to the previous plans. The changes to the first proposed Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy  include; a reduced number of properties to be built on Green Belt land, no properties will be built in the Salters Lane area of Gosforth or between Lemingon and Blutcher or to the south of Dinningon and Woolsingon, a reduced number of homes to be built at Callerton Park, Newcastle International Airport and Great Park will remain in their current statuses of areas of economic development and new houses are to be built at Newburn Riverside, replacing plans that the area was to be used solely for industry.

Now the original Newcastle Gateshead Housebuilding Strategy plans have been updated with these points, the Newcastle Gateshead public have another chance to give both councils some feedback. There are sessions all over the city from 20th June to 19th July where you can pop in and give your views. Council consultation will run until 13th September 2012.