Newcastle holistic hub welcomes UK’s third Harmonic Egg

Here at Seekers, we love working with local businesses to bring you the best that Newcastle has to offer – and the Harmonic Egg is no different.

Located in our own building, The Bruce Building, the Egg is part of an ever-expanding holistic hub and we just had to try it out for ourselves! Newcastle’s Egg is only the third of its kind in the UK, and opened its doors earlier this year.

Find out more in the story below:

Newcastle holistic hub welcomes UK’s third Harmonic Egg

Newcastle-based holistic therapist, Claire Grabham, opened the doors to Harmonic Egg Newcastle earlier this year, only the third of its kind in the UK.

Claire, a former children’s wellbeing coach, began her journey with the Egg in November last year, after witnessing the helping effects sound can have on the body and mind.

Claire said, “In the first instance, I simply wanted to help my own children be able to relax, but after seeing and experiencing for myself how sound can help with so many conditions, I wanted to get wholly involved.

“After visiting the UK’s first Harmonic Egg in Chester and experiencing the power of light and sound for myself, I knew I had to have one and share this wonderful experience with others.”

The Harmonic Egg is an energy chamber, created to restore balance and improve mental health and physical wellbeing, using sound, light, vibration and frequency to reset and rebalance cells in the body and encourage natural healing.

Harmonic Egg Newcastle is the latest addition to a growing holistic hub based in The Bruce Building on Percy Street, a historic Grade II listed building, alongside holistic therapists of Urban Angel Therapy Centres.

Recent guest, Bethany-Claire Whittle said: “I think energy can be a tricky subject for people to understand because we cannot see it, and it’s safe to them to assume that things don’t exist if you cannot see them.

“My experience in the Harmonic Egg was not like anything I’ve ever experienced before – it was so calming and the first time in memory where my mind was completely blank.

“As someone who has experienced anxiety and is constantly running at 100mph, it was such a blissful experience to come out of the Egg with no thoughts whatsoever, only pure stillness.”

Energy therapy helps balance the Autonomous Nervous System, known as ANS reset, and detoxes the body, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and clearing trauma at a cellular level.

Fellow holistic therapist and the UK’s first Gaia Healing Bio-Well expert, Anne Fenwick, also operates her own business, Urban Angel Therapy Centres, out of The Bruce Building and other Newcastle venues.

Anne said: “The whole purpose of the Egg is to calm your autonomic nervous system, which basically runs the show and is responsible for running almost every system in your body, so if that’s out of order you may experience symptoms like migraines, anxiety, digestive issues, dizziness and so on.

“While I was in the Harmonic Egg it felt as if it literally targeted all of the places I usually hold stress and my body relaxed for what felt like the first time in a long time, but almost to the core - it was familiar and comforting almost.”

For more information, or if you would like to book a session in the Harmonic Egg, email, or visit: