Newcastle practitioner becomes UK’s first Bio-Well expert

Newcastle-based holistic therapist, Anne Fenwick, is the first in UK history to become a Gaia Healers UK qualified Bio-Well Expert, after completing her Level 2 qualification.

Anne, of Urban Angels Therapy Centres, began training in anatomy and physiology, physical and holistic therapies and biology and quantum physics in 1996.

The expert practitioner has specialised in many physical therapy modalities for musculoskeletal injuries, spiritual and holistic therapies, and now adds to her expanding portfolio with the Bio-Well certification.

Anne said, “I have an innate knowing of others’ feelings and their energy in a spiritual context, which I wanted to channel into a vocation, so I was simply following my intuition to start this scientific and spiritual journey along, with life coaching to be of service to others.

“Everything is energy and we’re far more than simply a physical being and everything affects our human body – our mindset is responsible for our health, so we need to start with that. To link the mind, body and spirit is the only realistic way to help and support, and this needs to be a complete holistic approach.

“After 27 years, I am still training, and now, as a qualified Bio-Well expert, I’m able to measure the human energy field using cutting edge technology, the Discharge Visualisation Camera. All of this energy is captured through the light photons from finger tips, and meridian lines running down and reflecting back the organs and systems of the body.”

The Bio-Well device works by scanning the Human Energy through the light photons emitted from the cells, and capturing the Chakra systems in real time of waves and the movement of their energy.

The Level 2 qualification training course embraces the expert details of Electrophonic Imaging (EPI) technology and teaches the research and operation of the Bio-Well device and accessories.

Recent guest, Bethany-Claire Whittle said: “I think energy can be a tricky subject for people to understand because we cannot see it, and it’s safe to them to assume that things don’t exist if you cannot see them.

“After my scans, Anne’s insight and expertise with the Bio-Well device, meant that my energy was visible and could be used as a tool to monitor my wellbeing – identifying an energy block and the subsequent need for a deep tissue massage.

“I could feel the difference after this treatment, but the scans both during and after actually showed how the treatment had worked, and this made everything much more digestible.”

Anne started off her journey working with local football clubs, experiencing hands on physical therapy, and has since built Urban Angels Therapy Centres into the business it is today, with four therapy centres across Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Now based in The Bruce Building, on Percy Street in Newcastle City Centre, Anne is continuing her journey with Bio-Well and working with Harmonic Egg Newcastle to provide a holistic hub in the Grade II listed building.

Owner of The Bruce Building, Mark Walton, said: “We’re really excited to have Anne working out of The Bruce Building, as the first qualified Bio-Well expert in the whole of the UK.

“Anne has an innate ability to create communities wherever she works, so she has been able to give an already beautiful and impressive building heart and soul, and we’re really excited to see what she can achieve in this city hub in the future.”

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