Ever wondered where the best student locations are in Newcastle?

We've compiled a handy guide with the most popular areas for Newcastle students. Find out about each area and why they're so popular below.


Jesmond is one of our most popular areas for students. The main reasons are that it is close to both university campuses - with either a two-stop metro journey or a 15-20 minute walk. There is a range of shops including a small Waitrose, a Boots and a Tesco Express, while Osborne Road is full of bars and pubs. Brentwood Avenue has many food outlets including favourites such as Arlo, Dabbawal and Cake Stories. Francesca's on Manor House Road has the well-known half-pizza half-pasta meal.


Heaton has some fantastic green spaces and is a great place to be. It's only a 30 minute walk to the universities and access to the city centre is good, with the metro stop and number one bus taking you straight into the city centre. There are many large supermarkets including Lidl, Morrisons and Asda, all within walking distance. Heaton Park is also easily accessible, with a pizza restaurant at the entrance. There are a range of pubs on Chillingham Road including The Chillingham, and a range of takeaways available.

City Centre

Newcastle has a great, compact, city centre, and a strong sense of identity. There’s a real sense of belonging. You can choose to live by the Quayside and enjoy easy access into the city centre and the Ouseburn, or live close to university or work – the RVI Hospital and both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are major employers in the city.


Sandyford is a 10 minute walk away from both universities and Northumberland Street. The area is located in centre of Jesmond and Heaton, so it is great for seeing friends in either area. There are also some bars including As You Like It and The Holy Hobo. Starbeck Avenue boasts beauty salons, bars, restaurants and takeaways, including the great Scream For Pizza. Sandyford is one of the quieter areas of the city, where you can often get more space for your money.

Spital Tongues

Spital Tongues is a bit of a hidden gem, and is only a stone's throw away from the city centre. It is a great place to be, with a 5 minute walk to Newcastle University and a 10 minute walk to Northumbria University. Spital Tongues is also very close to Newcastle medical and dental schools, and has very easy access to University Sports Centre. The area is very close to St James Park and the city centre itself, with easy access to nightlife, restaurants, shops and bars.


Students are all well-suited to living in property in Shieldfield, thanks to its excellent location for travelling into the city centre for work or to either Newcastle or Northumbria University campuses. Shieldfield also has the benefit of living near the city centre without having to pay city centre prices.

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