Professional short-term tenancies in Newcastle

Newcastle is a major service and financial centre in the UK, attracting talent from all over the country. If you are a professional working here, but you’re not sure whether a long-term rental is right for you, short-term tenancies can be a great alternative.

We recommend this option if you’re looking for a place to stay for at least two weeks, but no longer than six months.

Seekers helps you find short-term rentals in record time

We know that looking for a place to stay can be stressful and that short-term tenancies are even trickier to find than permanent rentals. When you don’t know the Newcastle area and wonder if you’ll ever manage to find a property in time for your new job, give Seekers a call. Our local estate agents are familiar with every neighbourhood in Newcastle, as well as the surrounding areas, and will help you find the right home from our extensive portfolio of properties.

Is a short-term tenancy right for you?

Should you rent a property for a limited time or commit to a long-term contract?

  • You’re in between tenancies and you need a temporary solution until you find the perfect long-term rental

  • You’ve just graduated but you’re unsure whether you want to stay in Newcastle or not. A short-term rental can serve your needs until you decide if you want to apply for jobs here, get a Master’s degree or follow an additional course.

  • You were offered an internship by a firm in Newcastle and you’re not sure whether it will turn into a permanent job.

  • You have limited employment contract and you will come back home when it’s over.

  • You want to keep your options open and not commit to long term housing just yet.

  • You would like to move to Newcastle soon, but first, you want to get a taste of the life here.

  • You already own property here, but you need a place to stay while it’s being renovated.

  • You work for a large company that requires to be in Newcastle for a project.

What to expect from a short-term tenancy?

The same level of quality and comfort as in the case of long-term rentals! Just because you’ll only be staying here for a few months doesn’t mean you should expect less, which is why our properties have the facilities you need. Depending on your requirements, we can find you a property with high-spec bathrooms, high-speed Internet, modern kitchen, or private garage.

Although the rent prices for short-term rentals tend to be higher, utilities are included in most cases, so you won’t have to worry about calculating your budget. To make things more practical, these properties are fully furnished, so purchasing additional furniture or appliances won’t be necessary. If you’re only looking for rent for a month or so, serviced apartments are an option, because they include things like bedding and kitchenware and you can move in right away!