Dual occupancy student accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne

Are you in student education and are looking for a property where you can share your room with your partner?

Here at Seekers we can help you locate the best dual occupancy student accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our lettings agents know the ins and outs of the Newcastle student letting market and with us you’ll be in safe hands when it comes to find you the best newcastle student accommodation for couples.

We understand that a student’s life can often be challenging and that moving in with a loved one can help you save money and give you that stability allowing you to focus on your studies. However, student accommodation for couples can be harder to find on your own because many landlords don’t specifically state in listings if the property is available for dual occupancy.

When is dual occupancy a good option?

Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, dual occupancy can be a great option if:

  • You and your partner study at the same university or different universities and want to live together

  • You want to share a room to save money on rent and utilities

Dual occupancy – what to expect

  • Dual occupancy properties are typically one or two-bedroom properties as larger properties don’t tend to allow two people to stay in the same room due to local authority licensing schemes.

  • Most dual accommodation bedrooms are spacious enough to allow two people to live comfortably. Sharing the same room with a partner doesn’t have to be a trade-off for comfort!

  • Seekers can help you find a property that was specifically designed for shared living. This means that you could get a spacious bathroom and kitchen, large wardrobe, and room layouts that give you privacy.

  • Keep in mind that landlords may charge higher rent or a higher deposit for student accommodation for couples in Newcastle, so let us know your budget and we will find something that meets your requirements.

Living with a friend or partner can help you transition to student life more easily and better manage your finances. Our lettings agents will help you find a property that you both like, whether it's in Jesmond, Heaton, or elsewhere. We can also find locations that have the best transport links to your Uni campus, and all the awesome student hotspots here!

If you search and find a property for you and your roommate, call us on 0191 243 1000 or send us an email at enquiries@seekersproperty.co.uk and we'll tell you exactly which properties are available and whether it's available for dual occupancy.

Dual occupancy at Stepney Lane

Stepney Lane has rooms and apartments available to rent immediately and for the 2020/21 academic year. We offer individual room rentals and short term tenancies, contact us to find out more.