All You Need To Know About Student Guarantors

Moving off-campus is your first taste of real independence — and we bet you can’t wait to explore what Newcastle has to offer.

But the likelihood is that when you find your place, you’ll be asked for a student accommodation guarantor before moving in. 

Not sure who can be a guarantor for student accommodation in Newcastle or the student guarantor requirements? We’ll help you avoid any issues.

What is a guarantor? 

First up, what do we mean by a ‘guarantor’? Well, most landlords and agents will ask for a guarantor when you’re checking out student accommodation. Basically, any guarantor for student accommodation agrees to cover your rent payments if you can’t afford them.

Your guarantor will sign a legally binding document meaning the landlord or agent can legally chase them for any payments you might miss. So it goes without saying that you both need to read the document carefully before signing. 

Is a guarantor a requirement for student accommodation? 

Landlords and agents like the financial security of having a guarantor because it mitigates their financial risk. It's a form of insurance, reducing the risk of them losing out if you don’t pay. So, although guarantors aren’t mandatory, you're likely to find that you need one for student housing in Newcastle.

Becoming a guarantor for student accommodation: how does it work? 

Let’s explore how the guarantor process works, and what you can expect in terms of student guarantor requirements.

What you need to do 

When you need financial help, chances are the Bank of Mum and Dad is the first place you turn. But a student accommodation guarantor can be anyone who’s financially solvent and agrees to be liable for any costs.  

For most students, friends and family are the obvious choice. But your student rent guarantor doesn’t have to be personally connected, just as long as they: 

  • Are over 18 

  • Are a homeowner or in full-time employment 

  • Have proof of address 

  • Possess a valid ID 

  • Provide a NI number 

  • Provide bank details and proof of income 

  • Reside in the UK 

  • Are willing to be financially liable for unpaid rent and other costs

Can a parent be a guarantor? 

Anyone who meets the student guarantor requirements can sign the paperwork. Parents and guardians can be a great choice but they’re not your only options. 

Can you be a guarantor for more than one person? 

Technically, a student guarantor can cover as many people as they want. It's worth knowing that most tenancies are on a joint liability basis, so your guarantor will be expected to cover the total rental amount and the state of the property. 

Halls of residence VS student housing: is the guarantor process the same? 

As a first year, you might opt to live on campus. In this case, you might not need a guarantor. You’ll also be able to enjoy time with other freshers and won’t have to worry about bills — they’re usually included in your accommodation fee. 

(Don’t forget, you can also benefit from an all-inclusive bills package with Seekers. When you rent with us, you can combine all of your utilities into one simple, monthly payment).

Guarantors for international students 

You shouldn't have too much difficulty finding a student guarantor if you're a UK student. But what if you’re an international student with no UK-based relatives? 

Do international students need a guarantor? 

Although a guarantor isn’t mandatory, you’ll struggle to find student accommodation in Newcastle without one. No matter if you’re a UK or international student, landlords like the security of knowing their bills will be paid.  

Who can be a guarantor for international students? 

Travelling overseas to study is a big and sometimes daunting adventure. And finding an international student guarantor can be tricky as most landlords require that the person bankrolling you is UK based. But you don't have to rely on a parent or guardian. The thing is, your guarantor doesn't have to be personally connected to you. What's important is that they're acceptable to your landlord. 

You'll need to find someone who's a UK resident willing to cover your financial commitments when renting a student house in Newcastle. And they'll need to meet the student guarantor requirements we detailed above.

If you're struggling, you can do a couple of things. There are reliable agencies that can act as an international student guarantor. Otherwise, you could agree to pay your rent upfront for the term or find student accommodation that doesn’t require a guarantor. 

Is the process the same for UK and international students? 

The bottom line is that you’ll need a guarantor if your landlord requires one. So the process is identical whether you’re a UK or an international student. 

What if I can’t find a guarantor?

If you can’t find a guarantor there might be other options. If you have rented before then the landlord might consider accepting a combination of references, credit checks, or paying the rent for the year in advance.

Student housing made easy with Seekers 

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