Top tips for cleaning your student house share

Living in a house share in Newcastle can be an exciting and enriching experience for any budding student — but, as you know, going to university comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One thing that you need to remember is to keep your shared space clean and tidy, especially when you vacate your property. 

Whether you're a student in Newcastle or a young professional in Newcastle, maintaining a clean living environment is essential for your health, well-being, and (arguably, most importantly) getting that golden deposit back at the end of your tenancy. 

To help you make the most out of your time in the property and make your end-of-tenancy clean that tiny bit easier, here are some practical tips and tricks for student accommodation cleaning. Keeping on top of regular cleaning is the easiest way to ensure your living space stays sparkling — without eating into your study or social time!

1. Organise a cleaning schedule

When you move into your student property in Newcastle, it should be left looking sparkling and clean thanks to the previous tenants. To keep your student accommodation as clean as possible throughout your tenancy, it’s important to establish a clear and consistent cleaning schedule. This way you can ensure that everyone contributes fairly, keeping your shared spaces livable throughout the tenancy.

Start by dividing tasks among housemates, assigning specific days or weeks for each person to take charge. This approach prevents confusion, promotes fairness, and ensures that no one feels overburdened.

2. Stock up on essential cleaning supplies

For efficient student house cleaning, stock up on essentials like multi-surface cleaners, disinfectants, sponges, microfibre cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a bucket. Don’t forget specialised cleaners for glass and bathrooms. 

While it may be expensive to stock up at the start of your tenancy, investing in good-quality supplies can make the task easier and more effective. You can also always split the cost between your housemates, as you’ll be sharing the cleaning out with the help of your student cleaning rota.

3. Keeping up with… the kitchen

The kitchen is a hotspot for mess in any house — let alone a student house. Regularly cleaning the countertops, hobs, and sink prevents the buildup of bacteria and grime. The biggest advice we can give is to never overlook the oven. After all, there are only so many pizza crumbs an oven can take!

A baking soda and vinegar paste works wonders for week-to-week oven grime, or invest in a high-quality oven cleaner treatment every few months. Don’t forget to regularly reset and defrost the fridge and freezer, too. Turn them off, remove all food, and let the ice melt before wiping down the interior with your new stash of cleaning products.

Top tip: Don’t forget to warn your housemates before the defrost process starts so you can use up any frozen food that may go bad!

4. Maintain communal areas

To keep your communal living areas and bedroom clean, regular dusting and vacuuming is key. For areas with crumb-prone carpets, consider investing in a tub of carpet cleaning powder to use as you hoover — clean and refresh all in one go!

If you hate tidying up after others, encourage your housemates to keep personal items in their rooms, avoiding any unnecessary clutter in shared spaces. Try to establish open communication with your new housemates as soon as possible — this makes cleaning accountability a little easier by addressing it early on. 

5. Avoid the bathroom blues

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, so regular cleaning of the toilet, sink, and shower is essential. Prevent mould and mildew by ensuring the bathroom is well-ventilated, and stock up on toilet cleaner, limescale remover, and a good scrubbing brush. A shower squeegee will also come in handy for getting rid of those pesky hard water stains. Simply swipe the shower door after each use, and voila — a consistently cleaner shower.

6. Say goodbye to blu-tac marks

We understand that you’ll want to make your space your own when at University, but pesky blu-tac marks can be the difference between getting your whole deposit back or not. 

To remove blu-tac marks, gently rub the area with a citrus-based cleaner or white vinegar. If the walls look dull or dirty, a fresh coat of paint in the same colour can work wonders. However, you must remember to check with your landlord before repainting.

7. Prepare for the end-of-tenancy clean

End-of-tenancy cleaning consists of a thorough clean-up before you move out, and it’s often required to get your full deposit back. Focus on areas that are easily missed during regular cleaning, like behind appliances and inside cupboards. However, if you’ve followed these tips throughout your tenancy, it should be a breeze!

Cleaning your student house share doesn't have to be a chore. With a bit of forward-thinking, organisation and the right supplies, you can keep your living space clean and thriving throughout your tenancy.

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