Setting up Utility Bills: Your Guide to making it easy!

Time to set up your bills...

If move in day is approaching and you still need to organise utility bills between you and your housemates, don’t worry, OneUtility is here to help.

It's a great way to split bills equally with no splitting fee and no hassle which means you can avoid those awkward housemate arguments!

  • Everything can be included in one package, including; gas, electric, water, broadband, cable TV and your TV licence (if you aren’t a student).

  • One Utility Bill works with several different providers so they can get you and your housemates the best deal possible.

  • Their dedicated customer care team are always on hand to chat to you about any problems on live chat, on the phone or on email.

  • Your bills can be paid via direct debit from either one person's account or an equal share can be collected from each individual account.

If you’re interested we will pass your details on to the team at One Utility and they will get in touch to give you a quote, it’s that simple! You won't have to deal with a bunch of different quotes, accounts and bills - just one simple bill to cover all your utilities.

Send a quick email to stating your property address and that you are interested in a OneUtility quote and we will be sure to pass on your details - it's free to get a quote and you are under no obligation to sign up with OneUtility.