WR Investment Team hit £40m Milestone

A noteworthy achievement has been unlocked by Walton Robinson as they have been instrumental in guiding transactions totaling £40 million in investment property over the last two years.

The agency prides itself on its dedicated team of adept advisors, collaborating closely with investors, developers, and financial backers, offering strategic insights, informed counsel, and an intricate grasp of prevailing market dynamics.

In conjunction with clients' legal and financial experts, Walton Robinson remains actively engaged in both the residential and commercial real estate investment spheres. Notably, during 2018 and 2019, the agency contributed its expertise to a range of transactions encompassing single and multiple properties within the vibrant area of Newcastle.

In addition to their involvement in prominent residential property dealings within notable developments such as 55 Degrees North and the Wills Building, Walton Robinson has played a pivotal role in catalysing substantial activity within the North East's Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) sector.

This involvement has encompassed notable projects, including orchestrating the sale of an expansive HMO development situated along Osborne Road in Jesmond. Moreover, a comprehensive portfolio of student HMOs in Sunderland underwent a successful disposal with Walton Robinson's guidance. The agency's engagement remained robust within the thriving student market in Newcastle as well, with instrumental contributions to Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) transactions throughout the period.

Venturing beyond the residential domain, Walton Robinson has effectively overseen the sale and acquisition of commercial properties. One standout endeavor involved a distinctive transformation in Sunderland, wherein a former Apostolic Church has been ingeniously reimagined as an art studio and gallery.

Mark Walton, the Managing Director of Walton Robinson, shared his insights: "Newcastle and the broader North East region continue to radiate an appealing investment allure for developers and investors. We have cultivated a distinct expertise as trusted advisors, empowering and sustaining their engagement in this dynamic market."

He further emphasised, "The escalating demand for premium housing, student accommodations, and Grade A office spaces is catalysing an inflow of investment, emblematic of the unwavering confidence in the Newcastle marketplace. Our accomplished team has fostered strong affiliations with clients originating both locally and beyond, all eagerly exploring novel prospects within the city for the forthcoming years, fostering the economic advancement of the region."

L-R: Investment Director Richard Ponton, Managing Director Mark Walton and Operations Director Mark Smith