Electric vehicle charging point grants for landlords

UK landlords can now take advantage of a new scheme that allows them to apply for financial assistance in installing charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) on their properties.

Under this scheme, landlords who own parking areas can receive 75% of the charging point installation cost, up to a maximum of £350. However, they must meet specific eligibility criteria, such as being VAT registered or registered at Companies House.

Tenants are also eligible for a similar grant if their landlords do not meet the registration requirements. In such cases, tenants can apply directly for a grant to have a charging point installed on the property they occupy.

This new initiative, known as the chargepoint grant, replaces the previous Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). Apart from tenants and landlords, the grant is also available to other entities, including:

  • right to manage (RTM) companies

  • companies that own the freehold of leased or rented properties

  • companies that own common areas of buildings

  • property factors listed on the Scottish Property Factor Register

The future of electric vehicles

With the UK Government's ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars set to take effect in 2030, the development of charging infrastructure is crucial to supporting the adoption of electric vehicles. Landlords can now benefit from grants to install EV charging points in both residential and commercial properties.

To qualify for the grant, there are specific conditions that must be met. The DVLA administers the scheme on behalf of the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles.

Grant paid to the installer

Once an authorised installer is selected, they can apply for the grant and are required to pass on the discount to the eligible landlord or tenant. Landlords can receive up to 200 grants per year for residential properties and an additional 100 grants for commercial properties. These grants can be utilised for multiple properties and installations, or for a single property.

Chargepoints and fire protection

Moreover, the new guidance encourages landlords installing EV chargepoints to update their fire protection measures to align with the new installations. Further guidance on implementing these measures in enclosed parking areas is anticipated in the near future.