Fire safety precautions

When it comes to staying safe in your student house in Newcastle, understanding fire safety is of paramount importance.

It's important to make sure that every person in your household is familiar with escape routes and knows how to call the fire brigade.

Also, where possible, every occupant in your home should participate in fire drills.

10 top tips:

  1. Don't obstruct hallways, landings or stairs.

  2. Check all heat and smoke detectors regularly.

  3. Replace any discharged batteries immediately.

  4. Never disable a mains powered fire system.

  5. Don't smoke in bed - it's a major cause of fires.

  6. Portable heaters should not be used.

  7. Don't burn candles without two people present.

  8. Check for burning cigarettes before going to bed.

  9. Close the doors of any unoccupied rooms.

  10. Ensure all self-closing doors are shut.

In the event of a fire:

  • If it is safe to do so, use the multi-purpose fire extinguisher supplied in the kitchen to extinguish the fire. (Small fires only)

  • If you cannot extinguish the fire or are in any danger, activate the nearest break glass point. (If supplied)

  • Ensure that all occupants are aware of the emergency.

  • Vacate the property immediately via the nearest exit, closing all doors behind you.

  • Do not attempt to retrieve any personal belongings or re-enter the building until it is safe to do so.

  • Call the fire brigade from outside the property - DIAL 999.

Read our full guidance on fire safety.