How many bathrooms should an HMO have?

Regarding HMO properties, it's essential that landlords understand what is required from their properties, including bathroom requirements.

It’s of paramount importance for property owners to facilitate tenants in terms of hygiene facilities like bathrooms. 

How many bathrooms should landlords aim for an HMO?

You need to consider two factors when it comes to how many bathrooms to design. 

  • What is suitable for your tenants?

  • What does the Health and Safety Legislation require? 

The rule of thumb states that you should aim for one bathroom per every three inhabitants. You can have less, but it depends on the legislation requirements and tenant preferences. 

Putting the tenants first

Personal hygiene is a basic human need, and it’s essential for HMO inhabitants because they share necessities in common. Your role as a landlord is to keep the renters satisfied because happy tenants stay longer, and you don’t have to waste resources to find someone new for the space. Also, you need to prevent issues like your renters queuing up to go to the bathroom and picking fights because someone is hogging the bathroom. Facilitating them in all ways possible enables them to enjoy living at your HMO. You should ensure they feel comfortable and at ease in all possible ways, so they rent the property for a longer period. 

Health and Safety Legislation

According to the number of inhabitants who reside there, check the local Health and Safety Legislation to find out how many bathrooms the HMO should have. It is vital to specifically consult the guidelines about basic facilities to prevent experiencing legal issues. The Health and Safety requirement states that you should aim for at least a bathroom for every four renters. If you have more than five tenants, it’s best to have separate toilets with the main bathroom suite for the renters. Providing the tenants with basic necessities to manage the space and meet personal hygiene is essential to creating a healthy environment. 

Rule of thumb

The rule of thumb states that if you have more than two tenants living in the property, you need one bathroom for every two or three inhabitants. The Healthy and Safety Legislation give landlords a bit of stretch by recommending to have a bathroom for every four renters. If you still have questions about the subject, approach a local HMO officer to evaluate your property and recommend solutions. Different councils have different requirements, and it’s essential to follow the regulations and rules for HMO spaces. 

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