Landlord’s health and safety responsibilities

Before you rent out your Newcastle property, it's important to understand you health and safety responsibilities as a landlord.

There are a few things you'll legally need to do, to keep your tenants safe.


It is a legal requirement that gas checks are conducted annually in your property. If gas appliances are faulty or incorrectly installed, they can release deadly Carbon Monoxide. Gas Safety checks should be completed by a Gas Safe engineer who will check the appliances, pipework, flues, and meter, and produce a Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP12.

As part of a Landlord's health and safety responsibilities a copy of this certificate must be given to tenants before they move into a property. If a new CP12 is required during the tenancy, a copy of the new certificate must be forwarded to the tenants within 28 Days.


There's no legal requirement to annually conduct electrical checks but it is a criminal offence to not ensure the property's wiring and electrical appliances are safe for use. It is recommended that Newcastle property landlords undertake a Portable Appliance Test (PAT test) every year where all appliances are checked for faults and have the fixed wiring inspected every five years.

Smoke & Fire Detection

In line with Landlord's health and safety responsibilities it is recommended that a Newcastle property has at least one smoke alarm on each floor and this requirement becomes compulsory when dealing with HMO rental properties. All smoke and fire detection equipment, including fire extinguishers and fire blankets, should be serviced annually to ensure they are still in full working order. Fire escapes should be free from obstruction.

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