5 Things you should do when you first move into a house

After weeks of searching and viewing properties in Newcastle, you've finally found the perfect home and are ready to move in and unpack.

While it may seem like the major tasks are complete, it's important to check off a few key steps before you can truly relax and enjoy your new space. Here's a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Conduct safety checks

Prioritise the safety of your new property by performing necessary checks. Locate all smoke detectors and test them to ensure they are in working order. Familiarise yourself with the emergency exits in your building. Verify that all doors and windows can be securely locked and unlocked.

If you have any concerns regarding gas or water shut-offs, reach out to your property supervisor or landlord. At Seekers, we always arrange for a contractor to address reported issues promptly and prevent further damage. 

2. Contact energy providers

Ensure that all utilities are functioning properly to avoid any inconveniences when you move in. Get in touch with the suppliers who have been serving the property and inform them of the change in tenancy. Once you move in, you become responsible for the energy usage.

It's worth noting that if the previous occupant left unpaid bills, you may be held responsible for them. Familiarise yourself with the current tariffs and gather information about your energy providers to manage your account effectively.

3. Update your address

Redirect your post to your new address to safeguard your identity and receive important correspondence. If you are unsure about the current residents at your old property, utilise Royal Mail's Postal Redirection service. You can set up mail redirection in advance or after you have moved. Failing to update your address may result in missing important documents such as energy bills, which can adversely affect your credit records.

4. Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

While your landlord is responsible for ensuring the Newcastle property is in good condition, it's still advisable to do a comprehensive cleaning before unpacking. This will allow you to start fresh in a clean and comfortable environment.

5. Familiarise Yourself with the Neighbourhood

Take the time to explore your new neighbourhood and familiarise yourself with nearby amenities such as grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. This will help you settle in and feel more connected to your new surroundings.

Once you've done all of this you're good to go ahead and unpack and settle in! If you have any questions about moving into a new home, please contact your Property Supervisor at enquiries@seekersproperty.co.uk