Deciding Where To Live Next

You're new to Newcastle and can't decide where to live or thinking about where to move for second or third year?

No problem! Check out this guide to choosing where to live in Newcastle, and how we can help.


One way to narrow down your options is to think about what area you would actually like to live in Newcastle. Think about which university campus you will be travelling to - will you need to factor public transport or parking costs into your budget? Do you favour somewhere more vibrant, or somewhere that is a bit quieter? Here's a breakdown of some of the best student locations in Newcastle.

City Centre

It goes without saying that the centre of Newcastle is the most convenient place you can live as a student. New and modern apartments in Newcastle City Centre are short walking distances to both universities. The city of Newcastle would be at your doorstep. You could splash some cash at Eldon Square, eat at some of the most popular restaurants in Newcastle, and party until sunrise in the best clubs the city has to offer. However, these benefits come at a price. The city centre is likely to be the priciest option out of all areas, and properties are usually limited to 1-3 bedrooms, which tend to get snapped up very quickly.


Situated north of Newcastle City Centre, Jesmond is within walking distance of all the main city attractions and is beloved by students from both Universities. The suburb has some of the most popular properties that Seekers has to offer and they usually range from 3-8 bedroom houses. Jesmond is a classy suburban area with a plethora of bars, cafés, and restaurants, with the main strip being Osborne Road. The Jesmond and West Jesmond metro stations give you quick and easy access to the centre and further afield, if you fancy skipping the walk to uni, or adventuring out of the city. 


Based east of the City Centre and favoured by Northumbria University students due to the short walking distance, Properties in Sandyford offer great value, usually ranging from 4-6 bedrooms. Amenities in Sandyford include some small shops, cafes and restaurants, with residents benefitting from reasonable pricing and close proximity to both the City Centre and Universities. This area is perfect for those who want something away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an area that is a bit more subdued. Another bonus is that it's only a short walk to Jesmond and Heaton, meaning you can spend any free time exploring Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park.


Located east of Sandyford, student accommodation in Heaton is great for students who like to keep their rent as low as possible. There are many buses to city centre and lots of shops, takeaways, and cafes within the area which are ideal for a late night drunken snack or hangover brunch. Chillingham Road metro station can also get you into the city centre in just 6 minutes. If you fancy exploring and adventuring during the weekend, the metro can also take you to the coast, as far as Sunderland and even to the airport. If you're in a larger group of seven or eight people, then somewhere like Heaton is a great choice, especially as rents can start from as low as £67pppw.

Spital Tongues

Located west of Newcastle City centre, Newcastle University students love living in Spital Tongues. It is similar to Sandyford in terms of what is on offer and pricing; however it is tailored more towards Newcastle University due to the close proximity to the Campus. Leazes Park is one of the great benefits of living in Spital Tongues, perfect for sports, chilling on the grass or a walk around the pond.


Just on the outskirts of the city, houses in Shieldfield are the ideal location for travelling into uni, especially if you're based at Northumbria City Campus East! Lots of students know Shieldfield thanks to all the music venues, art galleries, and pubs, situated in and around the Ouseburn Valley. From houses to student halls, you can take your pick in Shieldfield!

So you've decided where to live...but what now?

Setting a budget

We advise setting a rough budget of how much you would like to spend on rent as that can help us filter properties that will be unsuitable for you. This does not have to be concrete but do try and budget as realistically as possible. Remember you will also have to pay bills each month on top of the rent unless you opt for our all inclusive bills package.


So you are finally on the road house hunting in Newcastle. With the amount of properties you will see during the viewing it is easy to forget the ones you really like. When you or your group visit a property you really like, it's worth making a note for future reference. If at any point during the viewing you are uncertain on issues regarding the house, make sure you bring them up with our property consultants, who will do their best to answer any queries.

Being decisive and signing for a property

Well done for making it this far, we are nearly there. A very common problem we often experience is applicants looking for the perfect property, but it is nearly impossible to have the dream house which ticks everyone's boxes. Compromising on the small things will make the process much faster and smoother. If everyone is keen on a specific property, it's often better to play it safe and sign, as we've witnessed numerous occasions where applicants wait too long, and come back to find their favourite property has gone.

Think you have decided on where to live in Newcastle, or maybe you have some more questions? Get in touch by emailing our friendly lettings team at