10 top tips for finding student housing!

Here at Seekers, we can help you to find the best student houses in Newcastle upon Tyne.

But before you do, check out our top 10 tips for student house hunting:

1) Housemate hunt

First of all, you need to decide who you want to live with - all girls, all boys or a mix? You'll be living with the people you choose for a full year or even more if you decide to renew your tenancy, so choose wisely. 

2) Budget decisions

It's super easy to get carried away when looking for a house with your friends. Setting a realistic budget that you all agree on should be your number one priority, as this will be the first step to narrowing down the options. On top of rent and the security deposit you also need to consider utility bills, food, your social life and transport costs. Make sure you speak to your parents if they'll be the ones paying your bills or acting as a guarantor for your tenancy.

3) Property types

Now you need to decide what kind of property you want to live in. At Seekers we have a massive range of locations in Newcastle and properties to choose from, from large houses with gardens, to stylish Newcastle city centre apartments with balconies. A big part of this decision is likely to depend on your budget.

4) Location, location, location

You may already know the rough location, or even the exact street you want to live in, but if not, you can ask our friendly team for advice on which area would suit you.

5) Where to start

So you have your housemates, your budget, and your desired location, now you need to start looking. Go online and there'll be thousands of Newcastle properties to choose from - if this is a little overwhelming, register your details with an ARLA registered agency.

6) Choosing your agent

Choosing a letting agent can be difficult, you want to get a good deal and great customer service, we get it! So we recommend choosing a letting agent like Seekers that are subscribed to organisations such as ARLA and Property Ombudsman. Registering with Seekers couldn't be easier - simply get in touch and our team will narrow it down to a few properties we think you will love and simply email you the details. 

7) Don't rush

Now you have the option to view properties, don't rush into anything! There's absolutely no harm in viewing a different range of properties to see what your options are, then you can know you have made the right choice when you sign. 

8) Securing your student home

Now you're ready to secure your chosen property, you may be asked to prove your student status and you may be asked for a guarantor (usually a parent). Be prepared to pay your holding deposit which takes your property off the market. Remember to discuss with your parents if they are paying for it. 

9) Understanding the tenancy agreement

You've come this far with no problems right? It's very important to read every single part of the tenancy agreement and ask if you have any questions on your obligations as a tenant.

10) Complete all paperwork and payments on schedule

It's important to know that unless all your paperwork is complete and payments are paid we are unable to give you the keys to your new house, so make sure everything is done before move-in day. Here at Seekers, we'll give you a clear timeline of when each document and payment is due to help you keep track. 

If you have any questions about renting a student house or if you would like to register your details with us, please email enquiries@seekersproperty.co.uk