Renewing your tenancy

We really hope that you've settled in well and that you're happy in your rental property in Newcastle! 

If you are, then why not avoid the stresses and costs of moving by renewing your tenancy? Moving house can be stressful, so why not stay on and avoid the additional work and costs.

Benefits of renewing your tenancy

  • Deposits running over

  • Reduced paperwork

  • No stress of looking for another property in Newcastle and moving

When can I renew?

You may already be aware from when you took your current property off the market with us, but we begin marketing all of our properties in Newcastle for the next academic year as early as October. With this in mind, we'd need to be made aware of your interest to renew as early as possible, to avoid anybody else signing up for the property before you. We'll begin contacting you as early as September, to see if you'd be interested in staying on for another year. We'd suggest that as a household, you should take some time to discuss your options before the end of your tenancy term.

What if the whole household don't want to renew?

If there are likely to be changes within your household, and you're unsure as to whether you would qualify for a renewal, please contact your Property Supervisor, as there are options for part renewals available. This would involve some tenants remaining, some tenants moving out, and replacement tenants of your choice joining.

Will I be able to renew?

As long as you're looking after your student property and paying your rent on time, then you will be given first refusal of taking the property off the market for another year. There'll be a short window of time where you will be given first priority, in advance of the property being marketed. Once a renewal is confirmed, we'll send out all paperwork, and once this is complete you will be guaranteed the property for another year.

If you'd like to renew your tenancy or find out more, email us at or contact your Property Supervisor.