Seekers top tips for moving home

Moving home is an exciting adventure — but it can also come with its fair share of stress. From packing your belongings to getting your keys, heading to a new home involves a lot of moving parts, which can sometimes seem daunting…

But don’t worry. Whether you’re moving out of halls and into your first shared student house in Newcastle, or you’re a young professional looking for accommodation, the Seekers team is here to support you. Our handy home moving tips will help make your property move as smooth as possible.

Get organised early

The first thing to note is that it never hurts to think ahead. While you don’t want to be living out of boxes for months, it’s helpful to get organised early. You might want to start having a clear out to streamline your belongings and lighten the amount you need to pack. Ideally, you want to start getting ready for your move at least four weeks before the big day — that way, you won’t be scrambling to pack the night before you’re due to get your new keys. 

Create a moving home checklist

Another great way to get organised early is to write out a moving home checklist. Remember to tailor this to your circumstances — your checklist for moving home may look different from your friend’s. Seeing a written checklist — and more importantly, ticking items off — can help create accountability and ensure nothing slips through the net. 

If you’re unsure where to start, here are some essential steps to add to your moving home checklist:

  • Hand in notice with your current landlord

  • Pin down a moving date

  • Make sure you have a point of contact for your new property. 

  • Know the checking-in process. With Seekers, for example, your Property Supervisor will set up an appointment for your lead tenant to collect your keys.

  • Arrange the move itself — will you be moving your belongings or will you need removal services?

  • Redirect your post

  • Set up internet and other essential utilities in advance

  • Use up all the food in your fridge before moving day

  • Start packing

  • Clean your old room or property

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Packing tips

We’ve already mentioned the benefit of starting to pack up early but it’s also wise to have a packing system in place. If you’re moving home in the next few months, take note of these packing tips.

  • Don’t overfill your boxes. The last thing you want is a split box and damaged or lost belongings.

  • Protect breakables. Take the extra time to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap to avoid breakages.

  • Spread heavy items across different boxes. It can be tempting to put all your books in one box but that will just make carrying your items from A to B a challenge. 

  • Label everything. Not only will this help you unpack the other end but it will also ensure your removals team knows which room to place your boxes in.

  • Keep the essentials aside. Creating a ‘moving in bag’ is a great way to make sure your vital items are easy to get to. From snacks for the journey to toilet roll for your new bathroom, think about anything you might need in the first couple of hours after your move. Don’t forget the kettle for that all-important post-move coffee!

Advice for moving day

As well as ensuring your moving-in essentials are close to hand, there are several key steps to take on moving day. If you’re the last one out of your old home, make sure you lock up and know where to hand in your keys. 

Before leaving, do a final visual check to make sure everything is in order and you haven’t forgotten anything. Note down any metre readings to submit to your energy supplier. 

Once you reach the new place, make sure you check the property meets everything in your inventory. Are all the appliances working? If you notice any damage, check it’s detailed on your inventory — if not, write it down and take a photo right away. Check the metre reading here, too, so you know you’re paying the right amount for any bills. 

Find your Newcastle home with Seekers

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We’re here to make moving house a smooth and enjoyable experience, so from the moment you step through that door, you feel at home. Browse our properties in Newcastle and explore our student bills packages to find the ideal Newcastle home for you.