Top tips to consider when renting shared accommodation in Newcastle

Renting shared accommodation in Newcastle can be a great experience and this page includes a few helpful tips. 

Choosing the right housemate

House sharing can be great fun but it all depends on choosing the right housemates beforehand. You may be in a hurry to find a new housemate, but that's no reason to say 'yes' to the first person you find.

Bills and utilities

If bills and utilities are not included in your rent, then you're responsible for paying them. We'd recommend that on the day you move in, make sure you take readings from the gas and electricity meter and tell both your landlord and suppliers the readings. If you don't do this, you could end up footing the bill for the previous tenants! If only one person's name appears on the bills, remember that person will be liable to pay them. Make sure you're not the only one named on the bills.


It's always best to write up a rota when living in shared accommodation in Newcastle. That way everyone knows their responsibilities and no-one ends up feeling like they're constantly cleaning the toilets six times in a row.

When renting shared accommodation, to save arguments we would recommend making a kitty with everyone paying a monthly contribution towards the house to cover all household necessities including cleaning equipment, loo roll, and general items that everyone in the house uses.


When considering moving into shared accomodation in Newcastle, it's important to take into account if you are going to be compatible with your fellow housemates. This could be in terms of general interests, hobbies, or your lifestyle overall. It's helpful to find someone who is alike, as it will probably mean that they will be easier to get on with, and therefore there'll be less awkward silences to fill when together.

The location of your property will also play a big part in this too, as those who prefer a quieter life would likely prefer our rentals in Sandyford, or student houses in Heaton, whereas social butterflies tend to flock towards places which are more vibrant in nightlife, like our properties in Jesmond and our accommodation in Newcastle City Centre.

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