A day in the life of an Accommodation Manager

No two days are ever the same for our dedicated Accommodation Manager at Seekers.

The Newcastle-based Property Management Agent has developed a dedicated Property Management team, who have in-depth knowledge of how to look after a portfolio of properties on behalf of landlords. The role of our Accommodation Manager sits within this department.

For an Accommodation Manager, this means managing a landlord’s accommodation portfolio on a day to day basis, from the point where a property is taken off the market, all the way through to the check out and deposit return, as well as short-term accommodation.

Accommodation Manager, Karolina Hay, shared her thoughts on why working within the Seekers Property Management Team is such a rewarding experience.

“My role within Seekers' Property Management Team is slightly different to the other Property Supervisors, in that while they all look after multiple landlords, I focus on one – which makes it really important to build a really strong working relationship.

“My landlord’s accommodation is a combination of long-term lettings and short-term tenancies within Newcastle City Centre, as well as luxury holiday apartments in Alnmouth, Northumberland.

“My day usually starts by checking any out of hours jobs, emergencies or maintenance that needs my immediate attention. I can then start looking at any new bookings that came in overnight and move them forward.

“It is important for me to monitor the short term bookings closely, I’ll work with dates to maximum the benefit for my landlord avoiding any void periods where possible.

“For the long-term lets, I work with our Lettings Department and the ultimate goal is to get longer tenancies, this is something we are really good at, it allows us to minimise costs for the landlord.

“My role also includes looking after the communal areas, building compliance – and this applies to the whole building, not just individual apartments, the intercom system, roofworks, windows, anything to do with the building I have covered.

“A lot of my time is spent liaising with contractors, it can be a challenging part of the role.

“It’s ideal for me, as I come from a hospitality background, and a lot of my job centres around customer service and working with other parties like Booking.com and Travel Chapter.

“Because of the nature of the two locations, I also get to involve myself with exciting marketing projects such as social media accounts and website projects.

“There is always something for me to be working on– this role is never boring and it definitely keeps you on your toes.

“Although my role is a little bit different and quite specific, I am still part of property management department and have lots of experience with standard property management. This allows me to be in a position to offer support and guidance to my colleagues when it is required. I’ll always help and support my team where I can.”

Property Management Manager, Anna Rogers, said: “Property management is changing and developing all the time and there is constant new legislation for us to be up to date with, this is why it’s so important to have a team who are so dedicated and hardworking.

“We give our Property Supervisors ownership of their own properties and portfolios, which allows them to build really productive and fulfilling relationships with a host of different people, from landlords to contractors.”

Seekers provides landlord property management services in Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas, including let only, full property management and facilities management services.

To make an enquiry about property management with Seekers, please enquiries@seekersproperty.co.uk, or visit our Percy Street office.