Simplifying the buying and selling process

Simplifying the process of buying and selling homes took a significant leap forward with the release of an updated Leasehold Property Enquiries (LPE1) form by the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG).

This new version embraces digital conveyancing by using the Property Data Trust Framework standards, enabling responses to leasehold property enquiries to be presented uniformly.

The timely revision aligns with lenders' policy changes, allowing them to lend on properties within remediation schemes or covered by leaseholder protections earlier this year. The primary goal of this update is to enable a seamless exchange of data, streamlining the entire process and enhancing transparency for all stakeholders.

Frictionless exchange of data

The Property Data Trust Framework has reached a significant milestone with its public launch v1.0 in December 2022, and it continues to evolve, supporting a wider range of property data elements to ensure frictionless data exchange between stakeholders. Upcoming updates to the BASPI dataset and the introduction of NTSELAT Material Upfront Information parts B and C are eagerly anticipated in the coming months.

Agents encouraged to use LPE1

Industry representatives, including Propertymark and other bodies like the Conveyancing Association, the Society of Licensed Conveyancers, ARHM, BPF, The Property Institute (TPI), RTMF, and RICS, are collectively working within the HBSG to improve the home-moving process for buyers and sellers.

They are actively encouraging their member firms to embrace the new version of the LPE1 form, marking a positive step towards a more efficient and user-friendly home buying and selling experience.