Seekers recommends - Urban Angels Therapy Centres

Here at Seekers, we know and understand the importance of living in a city where wellbeing is a key focus and services are provided for the local community...

...which is why we recently visited Anne Fenwick, founder of Newcastle-based Urban Angels Therapy Centre, to try and test her latest offer - the Bio-Well camera - and we wanted to share our experience with you!

Find out more in the story below:

A peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, Urban Angels specialises in a variety of complementary and alternative medicine treatments, holistic therapies and other treatments, all focused around achieving a healthy balance of body, mind and soul.

Urban Angels founder and holistic therapist, Anne, is the first in UK history to become a Gaia Healers UK qualified Bio-Well Expert, after completing her Level 2 qualification.

Now based in The Bruce Building, on Percy Street in Newcastle City Centre, Anne is continuing her journey with Bio-Well, to provide a holistic hub in the Grade II listed building – so we had to try it out!

The Centre

Located on Percy Street in Newcastle City Centre, The Bruce Building is one of four Urban Angel locations across Newcastle, with other centres located in Gosforth and Jesmond.

The city centre hub proved to be a hidden gem in amongst a popular and bustling city centre, and is easily accessible with Haymarket bus and metro stations directly opposite.

Anne has an innate ability to create communities wherever she works, so she has been able to give an already beautiful and impressive building heart and soul.

Once inside, the centre has an instant air of calm and tranquillity, and the rooms are tastefully decorated in a modern, yet peaceful manner, and in a way that is complementary to the original features of the building.

Trinkets and subtle decorations make the therapy rooms seem more personal and intimate, and less clinical than most other therapy centres - it definitely makes a difference to the overall experience to feel wholly welcome, rather than just being a slot in the diary.

Bio-well scans and diagnosis

Our Marketing Manager, and holistic enthusiast, Beth, visited Anne to experience the bio-well camera for herself.

Beth said: “I think energy can be a tricky subject for people to understand because we cannot see it, and therefore it’s safe to them to assume that it simply doesn’t exist.

“I was fascinated by the fact that a small camera can read so much about your health and wellbeing, simply by taking photographs of your fingertips.

“It’s a really intuitive piece of kit and essentially tells a story of the energy that flows through your body, using meridian lines to identify energy flow, and likewise any energy blockages or reductions that might indicate a potential issue.

“Anne was able to show me a live, visual way of reading my energy, using a glove attachment and measuring my body’s responses to different stimuli – it was utterly fascinating.

“A great example of this was, as someone who is lactose intolerant, placing a latte in my hands triggered my body into a state of heightened stress, whilst on the other hand, holding much-loved personal items had a steadying and grounding effect.

“Anne also carried out full-body scans and stress scans, that meant that my energy was visible and could be used as a tool to analyse and monitor my wellbeing – looking at energy flow and chakras.

“After my scans, Anne’s insight and expertise with the Bio-Well device meant that she was able to identify an energy block and the subsequent need for a deep tissue massage.”

Remedial Treatments

After her scans, Beth was booked in for a remedial massage on her thoracic spine area.

Beth said: “Before visiting Anne, I’d had quite a bit of pain and tension in my middle back, due to weightlifting exercises – however, Anne had no knowledge of this at all, and was able to identify the root cause of the problem using the Bio-Well device.

“I was made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable and you could genuinely see that Anne wanted to help and relieve the pain I was experiencing.

“The massage itself was one of the best I’ve ever experienced, and whilst at times painful, the relief in pain and tension afterwards was unbelievable.

“I didn’t fully grasp how tight my back muscles must have been until after Anne had worked her magic. I felt so flexible and like a weight had physically been lifted.

“Added to this, the bio-well scans both during and after the treatment actually showed how the treatment was working and the effect it had on my body afterwards, and this made everything much more digestible.”

If you’d like to find out more about Urban Angels, plan a visit or book any treatments, visit