Common student landlord misconceptions

There are often misconceptions from landlords when letting to students.

We debunk these myths and separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to letting to students.

Students won't look after my property

Students nowadays pay more than ever before to attend university and they have a greater focus on their studies. The view of students coming to university solely for the social aspect is outdated.

Students won't pay their rent on time

Students receive loans specifically to pay for their accommodation, so their ability to pay rent is not based on their employment situation. Furthermore, robust procedures are in place for ensuring prompt rent collections, and, where appropriate, domestic students must provide guarantors. International students often prefer to pay their full rent for the academic year at the outset of their tenancy.

The local community won't approve of students moving in

Students subscribe to their university charter, which describes the expectations around conduct in their community. Furthermore, all tenants are issued with an Antisocial Behaviour Policy, and rules around being considerate are stated in their tenancy agreement and tenant pack. From the outset, our code of conduct is made very clear, and we have had very few problems.

Students will live anywhere as long as it's cheap

The standard of the property expected by students is much higher than ever before and students are willing to pay higher rents for nicer properties.

Students are now all living in purpose built blocks

While the market is still there for purpose built student accommodation, the demand for good quality HMOs (Homes of Multiple Occupancy) in traditional student areas always outweighs the availability.

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