Student landlord FAQs

There are some common questions a landlord might ask when letting to students.

What level of rent can I achieve in the area my property is in?

The level of rent will completely depend on the overall spec of the property as well as its size and location. For example, a large HMO in Jesmond might achieve around £120 per person, per week, whereas a similar property in Heaton might achieve around £75 to £80.

Should I complete work on my property?

It is imperative that landlords keep their properties up to date in the current market, given the abundance of options available to students. For example, a recently converted property on Fern Avenue in Jesmond previously achieved £80 per person, per week. Post-refurb, we secured a group for £115 per person, per week, which shows the level that can be achieved. It’s worth knowing that the standard of property expected by students is much higher than ever before, and they are willing to pay higher rent for nicer, better refurbished properties.

Won’t students cause trouble?

There is a common misconception that students are nightmare neighbours who will cause a nuisance and won’t look after your property. What isn’t common knowledge is that students subscribe to their university charter, which describes their expectations around conduct in their community. Furthermore, when university fees are higher than ever, and the graduate job market is more competitive than ever, students want to focus more on their studies than their social lives. The view of students coming to university solely for the social aspect is outdated.

Why choose Seekers to let with?

We have over 20 years' experience in the property sector, letting properties to students, families, and young professionals in Newcastle. We offer a range of services from let only, to full property management, property valuation, and property sourcing, so you can be as hands on, or hands off, as you'd like.

If you are considering letting to students or have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at, or visit our Percy Street office.