Anti-Social Behaviour: Being A Considerate Tenant

Moving into a new property is an incredibly exciting time, and we want you to fully enjoy and celebrate your new home.

However, we kindly request that you show respect towards the property and your neighbours. These upcoming years can be the best of your life, and our aim is to ensure that you can fully relish them without any complications.

Understanding Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial behaviour can be broadly defined as actions that cause or have the potential to cause distress or alarm to individuals in another household. It is important to note that for behavior to be considered antisocial, it must persist over time.

It is possible for disputes between neighbours regarding minor inconveniences to toe the line of antisocial behaviour, although if these issues persist, they can evolve into antisocial behaviour.

Examples of antisocial behaviour include:

  • Noise disturbances

  • Engaging in shouting, swearing, or physical altercations

  • Intimidating neighbours or others through threats or acts of violence

  • Harassment, including racial or sectarian aggression

  • Verbal abuse

  • Bullying children in public areas, on the way to school, or even within school premises

  • Behaving abusively to cause distress or fear to specific individuals

  • Careless or inconsiderate driving, such as racing

  • Fly-tipping

  • Creating disturbances with animals, including failure to clean up after dogs

  • Committing acts of vandalism, damaging property, or defacing surfaces with graffiti

Advice for tenants

If you are planning to host an event or gathering, we recommend reaching out to your neighbours beforehand. This approach will help establish a rapport and ensure that they feel comfortable approaching you if your activities cause them undue stress.

It is always better for them to communicate their concerns directly to you rather than immediately involving authorities, which could result in penalties for antisocial behaviour.

Consequences of Reporting Antisocial Behaviour

In the event that instances of antisocial behaviour are reported to us, we are obligated to adhere to our antisocial behaviour policy. This policy involves contacting you upon receiving a report, issuing warnings if necessary, and subsequently informing all guarantors and relevant educational institutions should the reports persist.

We understand that there are often two sides to every story, so we are more than willing to discuss any reported incidents with you if you believe them to be unfair. Such discussions would also be shared with guarantors and educational institutions to ensure a fair representation of the situation.

If you're experiencing antisocial behaviour yourself, you can find out how to report it here, or if you have any more questions, you can contact us at