Renting with Pets

High Demand from Tenants Renting with Pets

There aren't many pet friendly landlords about, so those that choose to accept tenants renting with pets are reaping the benefits of being in high demand.

Why should you consider renting to tenants with pets?

Tenants with pets aren't going to get rid of their pets to move into your property no matter how nice it is. They're going to look for a landlord who permits tenants renting with pets. Not only will the tenant benefit from this but landlords can too.

Firstly, properties that allow pets are always in high demand, and by allowing pets to stay in your property, tenants will be more likely to renew their tenancy and stay in your property. Tenants know they won't easily find another landlord willing to allow this, so it makes far more sense for them to stay for longer.

What considerations need to be made?

When it comes to renting property to tenants with pets, you should be aware of the type of pet, including the breed, age, and overall size. This should be done before accepting the offer to make sure the animal is suitable for the size and type of property.

Furthermore, you should take in to consideration any neighbours that also may be affected by your tenants owning pets, mainly in the instance of cats and dogs. For example, dogs can tend to make a lot of noise, whether that be during the day or the night, so it's important to make sure that they are not going to become a noise nuisance to the neighbours.

What if my property is damaged as a result?

The major worries for landlords when it comes to accepting pets is the damage that could be caused. This can be addressed in a number of ways, like a non-refundable pet payment to cover cleaning costs. Clauses can also be added into the tenancy agreement stating that the pet cannot cause nuisance to neighbours, and that any damage caused should be repaired and paid for by the tenant.

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