Rooms for rent in Newcastle, they're worth considering

There are many advantages to choosing rooms for rent in Newcastle...

There's a huge demand for rooms for rent in Newcastle, with more and more tenants opting for shared accommodation. So why exactly are rooms for rent in Newcastle so popular at the moment?

More property for your money

You may be sharing a flat or student house in Newcastle, but sharing generally means you get more property for your money - so you'll be able to relax and live in a more comfortable and less cramped environment.

The most sociable way to live

When searching for a flat in Newcastle or a house share in Newcastle, Seekers will automatically pair you up with an existing share. Rooms for rent provide the option of entering into a more social setting - with shared facilities you can easily catch-up and relax with your flatmates while watching tv or cooking dinner. Plus, if you're new to the city, shared accommodation is also a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a bit of the social scene.  

Share the burden of those Bills

If you're a student, recent graduate, or young professional, the thought of paying bills can be a daunting and somewhat confusing prospect. One of the most popular reasons for choosing rooms for rent comes from the opportunity of sharing those bills with other people. Sharing usually means you only need to pay 'a share' of the bills so you can save money!

A variety of our rooms for rent in Newcastle also offer tenants the benefit of having bills included in the rent, making it easier to manage your expenses and leaving you with the added security of not having to rely on others to get your bills paid.

Newcastle is a great place to live

There's no doubt that Newcastle is a bustling student hub, with an endless amount of things to do. It's well renowned for the nightlife, so if partying is your preference, you won't have any trouble finding a club to suit your music tastes. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, the city boasts tons of restaurants and bars in the centre, the Quayside, and the suburbs, so take your pick!

The City Centre is also perfect for going shopping, with Eldon Square being the main shopping centre in Newcastle; Northumberland Street right next door also has a range of shops and fast food outlets, and is great if you want to spend your free time doing some retail therapy. If you live in Gateshead, then you may prefer to frequent the Metrocentre, which is even bigger than Eldon Square, but has similar amenities.

Another great thing about Newcastle is that the city itself is quite small, so getting about is a breeze. If you'd rather save your student loan than spend it on Uber, there are plenty of bus routes (and the metro), that provide quick and cheap journeys to almost everywhere in Newcastle.

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