10 things to do before moving out of your student house

It's getting to that time of year again; the sun is coming out, exams are almost over and your tenancy is ending.

Here's a few tips on moving out of your student house in Newcastle and how to help avoid deposit deductions.


Waking up on move-out day with a standard last-night-in-the-Toon hangover and having to pack up all your worldly belongings will not be fun. If you're only moving home for the summer or have a few weeks gap between moving to your next student house in Newcastle, you can find local storage companies to look after your stuff without having to trek it all the way home and back.


Don't leave any of your belongings behind; you'll lose out from your deposit if your landlord or agent has to remove anything. Totally not worth it just because you can't be bothered take your posters off the wall or throw out your prized collection of empty vodka bottles. If you've got larger items you can't or don't want to take, you could always ask your landlord if they're interested in buying them for the next tenants.


Not everyone's favourite job but it has to be done. Don't forget things like the oven and inside the kitchen cupboards. It sounds obvious but deep cleaning your property properly will help to avoid deductions from your deposit. You could even pay for a professional cleaner to come in!


If you've rearranged any of the furniture or moved it into other rooms, remember to switch it back so you leave everything how you found it.

Outside space

If you're lucky enough to have a student house in Newcastle with a garden or yard make sure it's clean and tidy of all rubbish and that you've cut the grass. Your landlord should provide you with the equipment to look after the garden if the property has one so just ask for what you need if it's not already there.

Final checks

Take a final meter reading before the last tenant moves out, you should have taken one when you first moved in as well so you won't be charged for anything you didn't use. Just do a quick final inspection of the property and make sure all the lights are off (remember to replace any broken lightbulbs) and everything is clean and tidy. If you're living in a big house and some of your housemates have already moved out it's worth checking their rooms. The deposit covers the full tenancy so if someone else has left a mess, you could be charged for it.


Give your utility providers a call to let them know you're moving out and make sure that you don't have any outstanding bills to pay.


Make sure you are fully up to date with your rent and that you cancel your standing order if you have one set up!

Contact details

Update your address with the university, bank and anyone else that sends you letters and make sure your landlord or agency has a forwarding address and accurate contact details for you so they can return the deposit.


Let your agent or landlord know when you're moving out of your student apartment in Newcastle and check there's nothing specific they need you to do before you hand your keys in. 

Any questions? Get in touch with our team or contact your property supervisor.